Compare the Licenses proposed to you, two types of licenses: Standard Licenses, included with almost all of the files licensed on Signature.Media, and a set of Extended Licenses to suit your specific needs. The types of Extended Licenses provide greater usage freedom for the files licensed from Please read the full content of Standard License Agreement or Extended License Agreement for the specific details on the indemnification obligations of If you're licensing content with Signature.Media Credits, you can purchase an Extended License when initially licensing content or anytime afterward by calling Support.

Legal Guarantee

Every royalty-free file licensed on includes a free Legal Guarantee. This is our promise that content, used within the terms of the license agreement, will not infringe any copyright, moral right, trademark or other intellectual property right or violate any right of privacy or publicity.

If you receive a threatened or actual claim that your use of content (used within the terms of the license agreement) is infringing any rights mentioned above, notify us of that claim and, with your consent, we will defend you and be responsible for your damages and expenses up to $10,000.

Commercial & Advertising Usage Standard License Extended License
Sharing rights* Within the same entity Within the same group
Duration Unlimited Unlimited
Geographical location of use Unlimited Unlimited
Websites and Blogs Unlimited Unlimited
Social Media Unlimited Unlimited
Multimedia Presentation
(Powerpoint, Flash, etc)
Unlimited Unlimited
Electronic documents Up to 350,000 Unlimited
Video, TV & Cinema Up to 350,000 Unlimited
Printed documents Up to 350,000 Unlimited
Reports Up to 350,000 Unlimited
Offline Advertising and Promotional Materials
(in magazines, newspaper, billboards, point of
sale materials etc)
Up to 350,000 Unlimited

Editorial Usages Standard License Extended License
Editorial (articles, content & magazines) Up to 350,000 Unlimited
Editorial (newspapers) Up to 350,000 Unlimited
Editorial (Books, Textbooks, & eBooks, for sale / distribution) Up to 250,000 Unlimited
Editorial (Book covers, front and back per individual image) Up to 250,000 Unlimited
Editorial (Educational materials, Companion CDs, Multimedia based, Online & Printed) Up to 350,000 Unlimited

License Type Standard License Extended License
Prints for Resale ( Calendars, Poster, Postcards, etc) Not allowed 200 000
Prints on Merchandise for Resale (Gamme, Mugs, Puzzle, Stationery, T-shirts, etc) Not allowed 200 000
Design Elements on Software Applications for Resale (Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac OS / Windows/Linux applications) Not allowed Unlimited
Design Elements (Props & Scenery) in Television Broadcasts, Short Film, Full-length Film Productions & Theater
Not allowed Unlimited
Screensavers for Resale Not allowed Unlimited
Design Templates for Resale (Applications, Software & Web distribution) Not allowed Unlimited
Design elements in packaging materials Not allowed 200 000
All objects, items or other derivative resale
Not allowed 200 000
Resale of the original file , or free distribution
Not allowed Not allowed
Extended Licenses for specific uses are required when any one of these criteria are met:

- The content becomes an integral part of the product which adds value to the product itself.
- The content is being distributed as a part of the product offering.
- The content is being used in a product that's been given free of charge but has a money
generation model such as third party advertising attached to it.
Please note that use of our files is prohibited in the following cases:
- Pornography
- Adult entertainment clubs or escort services
- Political endorsements
- Logos, trademarks, or service marks
Please also note that use of our images on social networks is possible only:
If the size is less than 1100 x 1100 pixels And if the copyright information appears on the image.
For correct licensing options and consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.